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St. Augustineís Confessions from the Spiritual World
Sunghwa Publishing Co., LTD, 2000, The Unification Realm of the Spiritual World (pp. 102-105)

The Unification Realm of the Spiritual World must be quite unfamiliar to you.  You have heard such names as the Heavenly Kingdom and Paradise, but perhaps there are few who have heard of the Unification Realm of the Spiritual World.  Speaking simply, this realm can be called a Unification village, where eighty to ninety percent of the residents are members of the Unification Church, living together with the rest, who are non-members.

Here, I will skip discussing the Heavenly Kingdom or Paradise, and just talk about the Unification Realm of the Spiritual World.  In this realm, mostly the people who have served and lived with the True Parents on earth before coming to the spiritual world are living together, doing activities and holding events just as on earth.  In the spiritual world, the one condition of having lived with the True Parents on earth constitutes enormous merit.  In the Unification Realm of the Spiritual World, there is hope and joy unavailable in other realms of the spiritual world.  There are special educational opportunities of various levels in this realm.  This place is neither the Heavenly Kingdom nor Paradise, and yet its residents have the hope and joy to proceed to the Heavenly Kingdom in the future.  For this reason, they are always lively and vivacious.  In contrast, why to the residents in the other ordinary spiritual realms have no hope?  It is because they receive education with no purpose or direction, and thus their daily lives lack vision for tomorrow.  People of the Unification Realm of the Spiritual World are working hard to bring the truth of the True Parents to these frustrated people.

The people in the Unification Realm of the Spiritual World are living in waiting for the coming of the True Parents, and this sight always makes you feel fresh.  What is interesting here is that when other ordinary people come into this realm and live together with the residents of this realm, the ordinary people become assimilated to the residents and change their ways of thinking.

The people of the Unification Realm are always zealously witnessing to the novices who are encountering the Divine Principle for the first time.  I tried to find out how these people, who had not attended the True Parents on earth, became admitted to this realm.  Most of them did not live comfortably just for their own benefit on earth; they could easily embrace the Principle because they had been familiar with living for the sake of others.

Also in the Unification Realm of the Spiritual World, many people come in and out, and many Principle courses, ecumenical seminars, and workshops are being held.  Many religious denominations flock together here, and I could not easily recognize which religious sects they belonged to.  We can say that this is a place of entry for receiving the True Parents.  Since Godís special attention and love is present here, everyone always longs to stay here.  But just because people have received an education in the Principle, does not mean that they can automatically stay here.  Also, even after receiving such education here, they are free to return home, just as on earth.

To be able to live in this place, you have to have lived a Principled life, as well as having lived with the True Parents, for those with a serious sin cannot abide here even if they have lived physically with the True Parents on earth.  The Unification Realm of the  Spiritual World is a place in which everyone in the spiritual world longs to stay and which manifests the glory of the True Parents.  Also, this place is filled with love.  If, while on earth, you set and follow your purpose correctly in attendance on the True Parents, you will be able to come here.  I believe this is the wisest life you can live.

May 30, 2000