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Life on Earth Viewed From Spirit World: 
How are Works People do on Earth Recorded in the Spirit World? (pp. 21-22)
Life in the Spirit World and on Earth (published 1998)
Dr. Sang Hun Lee (Messages from the Spirit World)

How people live life on earth determines what is recorded in Spirit World.  For example, how a president of a country lived his life is recorded in Spirit World.  Whether or not he lived his life for himself or for the sake of his country is what is officially recorded.  If your life was just spent on petty things or you were irrationally materialistic, or if you were simply an evil person, not a true person, it is all recorded.  It is just as if you were to write your own autobiography.  As you arrange the final moments of your life, you will consider how you established your life’s path.  God appears unconditionally.  How wonderful if in your life you worked hard.  Even the president of a country comes to Spirit World without pretense.  The foundation of your life will appear in front of you.

You become a complete spirit person 40 days after your life ends.  During this 40 days you travel back and forth between the physical and spirit worlds, and your place of residence is prepared.  During this time God does not intervene.  Although your ancestors will cooperate with you, they cannot help you 100 percent.  You have to work yourself to establish your residence.  No one judges you.  Each person’s seat of judgment is different.  After you go to your home, if you get set up in the place where you desire as far as geography and topography are concerned, no one will force something upon you.  Your spirit guide will appear and naturally direct you.

According to the way of Spirit World, the atmosphere of guidance or judgment is different.  You may receive some benefit as a result of having spent time as the president of a country, although there were conditions in place that allowed you to make a large contribution to the nation.  There is no room for not keeping a position of goodness; if you don’t keep your existence of value, then you’ll receive punishment up to and not more than you justly deserve.  This is the spirit world.  Whether you are the president or a person at the opposite end of the social spectrum, class distinction holds no sway over the spiritual foundation.

We estimate the value of a person from a moral basis, and ask to what extent he lived a righteous life.  “In spirit world,” a medium asked, “isn’t there an awareness of social distinction between the lowest level worker and those with scholarly achievement?  In the physical world there exists such a distinction between the learned and the unlearned.”  Dr. Lee answered: “In spirit world, the field of your work is different from your scholarly major on earth.  But your greatest embarrassment is not that, but comes rather if you made a mistake in your life and you were ignorant of the value of your life.  The manner in which the distinction of academic achievement appears in Spirit World differs from the way it appears on earth.”