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Japan has three Won Jeons: Gunma (north of Tokyo), Osaka (central Japan) and Kochi (Shikoku Island). Plans are underway for some more in other areas of the country. The National Won Jeon of Japan is called OZEREIEN. They refer to it as the "Spiritual and Physical Treasure of UC-Japan." Ozerein is a Memorial Park located in Oze National Park, 170km north of Tokyo. 

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The following description was contributed by Mr. Hiroyasu Tomaru, Director of the National Won Jeon of Japan.

The first Won Jeon in Japan known as Ozereien, or the Oze Memorial Park, was built some 25 years ago. We marked the 21st anniversary of its official opening on June 8, 2003. With the name of the "Unified Memorial Ceremony for Seung Hwa People" we do it once a year on the second week of June as a major event for the Unification Church in Japan.




An ever growing number of about 2,400 people have gathered for the annual ceremony in the Ozereien on that particular day from around the country and beyond, some from the United States. Both President Yu Te-hen, TP's representative to Japan, and UC-Japan President Hideo Oyamada attended the ceremony and gave their sermons which are also aired nationwide through a U-One TV live satellite-broadcast as a special Sunday service at each local church straight from the Won Jeon.

Some Americans married to Japanese sisters are also buried in the lawn-based cemetery. The largest non-Japanese Seung Hwa brothers and sisters here are so far from Koreans who are married to Japanese. They are among the 750-strong Seung Hwa members buried or placed in its charnel house.

On Nov. 3, 2003, a ceremony was held at another Won Jeon located in central Japan near the metropolitan Osaka, known as the Osaka-Abeno Church Cemetery.  It was the 9th anniversary event for nearly 70 Seung Hwa people, brought in from around the country. The name will formally be changed to the Kansai-Shigi Mountain Cemetery probably next year when its 10th anniversary takes place.

There is another Won Jeon in Shikoku Island, not particularly far away from Osaka or Kyoto. It is the smallest, while Ozereien is the largest. Ozereien will be expanded sooner or later partly because UC-Japan's urgent needs to accommodate an ever growing number of Seung Hwa people.

The tradition of Won Jeon comes from the Seung Hwa beginning with Heung Jin Moon's historical physical death in 1984. And whoever dies for the providential reason of Seung Hwa, we ask Heavenly Father to allow us to perform a series of special Seung Hwa ceremonies for him or her regardless of one's age. We carry the ceremonies for even a baby just born and died in less than two hours. The second-generation boy was Blessed and married to a girl of the same generation in 15 months.

Thus the post-Seung Hwa ceremonies are also an exceptionally important theme for us all in order to help a Seung Hwa-ing person for instance achieve a successful landing in and registration with the so-called Unification Spiritual Sphere, a front line for making a real Heaven in the Spirit World.

We therefore always thank Heung Jin Nim and True Parents for having allowed us members of UC and the Family Federation to take a seat in a Seung Hwa chariot to fly high and reach to the sphere in the shortest possible period of time.

The post-Seung Hwa memorial services include the 3rd Day (Sam Wo Je), 21st-Day, 43rd-Day, 100th-day and the 1st anniversary of his(her) Seung Hwa day (or birthday in the Spirit World) within a year.

Those ceremonies are often performed in the Won Jeon. Ozereien has a chapel to perform some of them particularly in a day of bad or cold weather.

Families and relatives often pay a visit to Ozereien for not only greetings with their beloved Seung Hwa person with a bouquet of flowers but also eating together a special-cooked food with the spiritual person at the cemetery. So the memorial park is always "filled" with people from around the country and sometimes overseas. As the spiritual Heung Jin Nim once pointed out, these Seung Hwa people are thanked and respected by many.

Local people pay a considerable attention to the cemetery, and thus the place has become a window to the legendary Unification Movement worldwide and spiritually worldwide.

More and more people are expected to visit the Won Jeon to meet with the Seung Hwa people from the Spirit World and also learn a lot about a successful Seung Hwa for themselves in the most realistic way possible. 

(enlarge) Chapel where various ceremonies are held throughout the year. 

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