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The Place We Are Supposed To Go
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Earthly Life and Spirit World I
Hoon Dok Hae series (pp. 65-68, 106)
Published 1998

Although we live in this world, we know that there is a spirit world as well as this world.  This world and spirit world are not two worlds.  They must be linked as one world.  We know this.

Then where is the place we are supposed to go and live?  Certainly we live a physical life on the earth, but we are going toward the eternal world.  Once people are born into the world, through the course of their life they go through the teens, twenties, thirties, middle age, and senior years.  Once one leaves his youth and enters middle age, he goes over a peak and goes into senior age after that.  Just like the sunset, they end their life.

But those who know the fact of the existence of the spirit world know that a life is a moment and the world we are going to encounter after death is eternal.  Therefore, life is a period of preparation for the eternal world.  The world works just like that, doesnít it?

Letís take the example of a student.  There is a standard of credits that students have to take in one semester in one semester or in one grade year.  Students have to take credits in subjects according to the standard the school sets.  If we take that standard as a hundred points, the student is recognized by the school according to the degree of accomplishment in reference to the standard.  Buy the higher the percentage of unaccomplished credits, the further the student stands from the standard of values the school sets.  It works this way.  Therefore, all are measured centering on certain standards.

To live a life in the physical world is just like going through the preparation period of earning one credit at school.  We are preparing to gain credits for a life.  Through the process of life, we meet responsibilities that we must fulfill whether we like it or not.  In other words, there is a standard that demands the fulfillment of the responsibility.  You are living an everyday life centering on the standard that measures how much you are in accord with the standard.

We are not certain about the path in this world we must take once we are born.  If we are born in the original world, where are we supposed to go?  We are not certain about this.  Therefore, people in general are not sure about the existence of the spirit world and of God.  (140:121)

All of you must go to the spirit world.  Everybody must go to the spirit world.  Is it one realm or two?  It is a single realm, one world.  Then, what are the contents of life in that world?  Have you thought about it?  Fish living in the world of water cannot live outside that world.  Water is absolutely vital for their life.  Fish living in a river do not live in the river waters alone.  They live coming and going to saltwater as well.  Why should they live that way?  Freshwater fish cannot multiply without tasting water connected with saltwater.  You should know this.  Do you understand it?  Fish living in the ocean come to fresh water and multiply after tasting it.  You must know the two worlds.  Just like mind and body, you must be acquainted with the two worlds.

The day you die is a precious day.

If there had been a world-level unified world in which Adamís birthday, his wedding day, and the day of his death were commemorated, the human race who commemorated these days would have become a unified set of brothers and one people.  That is to say, they would have become a people who live in one world.  If that had happened, all the customs of Adamís life would have been adopted in human history, and the culture formed at that time would have been inherited eternally.

Ignorance about death.

Man does not know when he dies.  Do you know when a traffic accident happens and you die?  You will discover after death, ďOh! What Father said is right.Ē  Such a time will come.  You must know you will go down such a serious path.

You must shorten the time of preparing for the world of eternity.  You cannot waste one hour in which very important things are spoken.  All of you must know that you are standing on such a fateful path.  Do you understand? (Yes.) (107:60)

Two ways of death.

Even if you donít want to die, you will die when the time of death comes.  Just before President Eu went to the spirit world, many spiritual. mediums testified about it.  I had known it to a certain extent.  Everyone has to go to the spirit world when the time comes.

There are several ways to go into the spirit world:  those who go there after living their own life span and those who go there without living their own life span.  Among those who went to the spirit world without having lived their own life span are those who die early due to punishment and those who go to the spirit world to indemnify the sins of the tribe and the world.

If the three best-known youths around their thirties in town have died, good fortune will come to the town.  If three of the most distinguished youth in a clan died, good fortune will come to the clan.  In other words, indemnity must be paid.  It is the same everywhere.  The principle of causality is working everywhere.  If God sets one person in a central position who has a value of a thousand men and lets him go the path of death instead of another, and if these one thousand men are impressed and grieve, learn, and follow his way of life, there tribe enters the realm of his blessing.  The reason why people try to learn and follow the thoughts of loyal subjects and sages is to enter into the realm of the same blessing.

Last year, several members went to the spirit world.  Although I have not talked about it, I know it.  Why does this happen?  When we go one step farther, we always have to pay indemnity.  Now there is an indemnity to be paid by a tribe.  We, the Unification Church, must pay it. (33:10)

Once you enter the spirit world, that is the case.  What happens when we enter the spirit world?  You have your own spiritual level.  Everyone has a certain spiritual level, within certain limitations.  Even a blessed couple separates as they enter the other world.  At first they separate.

Why?  Because each oneís spiritual level is different.  First a spirit goes to a certain place.  If it misses someone too much, it will move on to other place.  If you cannot forget someone, you transfer centering on love.  Transfer is possible centered on love.  Otherwise, once you enter a certain place, you cannot get out. (164:62)