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Life of the Second Generation
Handbook of Damonim’s Words (published 2000)

The Present Age (The Spirit World) (pp. 36-54)

This place has been prepared by our True Father as the restored and perfected Garden of Eden. True Father said, “Chungpyung is the training ground for going to heaven and the door to the spirit world.”  Chungpyung is the place where all the false satanic history since the fall of Adam and Eve is straightened out.  It is a precious place, a place prepared as the restored perfected Garden of Eden, where people can get rid of sin, put everything in order and live centered on goodness.

Recently, we have been hearing that environmental pollution is a serious problem.  Once your spiritual eyes are opened, however, you will realize that spiritual pollution is taking place now, which is far more dreadful than physical environmental pollution.

You think that after your earthly life you will have a Seunghwa Ceremony and go to live in either heaven or hell.  However, our ancestors are not in the spirit world at the present time.  They have come down to earth.  Why is that so?  Because the place in the spirit world where people go after committing sins is a difficult place for them to live.

True Father said, “Human history has been longer than six thousand years.”  The spirit selves of all the people that have lived on earth during that long history are not in the spirit world but have returned to earth.  Therefore, we can’t go to the spirit world even after our Seunghwa Ceremony because there is no way to penetrate the barrier of those spirits.

Because there is no way for our spirit selves to penetrate the spirit world to ascend, True Father has prepared Chungpyung for us as “the door to the spirit world.”  No matter where you go in this world, there is no place from which you can enter the spirit world.  True Father told us that only at Chungpyung is the way open to the spirit world.

Do you know how many spirits there are in our bodies?  There are so many spirits there.  Thinking of their number makes me grieve and feel heavy.  You may think that your spirit self is the only spirit in your body; however, after seeing our whole bodies spiritually, I can only say that our bodies are so overflowing with spirits that it is hard to breath.

Therefore, I have seen many instances of people who can’t control their minds and are dominated in a bad way by evil spirits.  If we are dominated by evil spirits, our spirit self becomes an evil spirit self.  When such a spirit self goes to the spirit world, it goes to a very dark place.  Spirits have resentment because our ancestors’ misdeeds are heaped up in our bodies like ant eggs or sand.  In order to resolve that resentment, they might enter into our bodies and say things like, “I am going to kill this one,” or “I am going to make this one crazy.”  This is the present spirit world.

Spirit World of Numerous Levels

You have to know the spirit world.  There are no judges there, nor is there anybody to listen to any excuses or explanations we may have defending our past earthly conduct.  In the spirit world your appearance reflects how you led your life on earth.  Therefore, we have to value our life on earth and lead a life of goodness in order to go to heaven.  When we compare life here on earth to life in the spirit world, we have to be aware that our life on earth is but a moment.

How were you born?  Your body came into existence through your parents’ love; you were born with that body and could begin your human life.  We have to be aware that the spirit world does not consist only of heaven and hell but of numerous levels.  How about when we reach the end of our physical life, where do we go?  We go to the place called the spirit world, and we think that we go either to heaven or hell.

Therefore, my intention is to teach you about the spirit world.  There are numerous levels in the spirit world.  It is not divided only into heaven and hell but consists of several levels.  There is also a place for Blessed Families among the numerous levels of the spirit world.  The level where most people end up is a very exhausting and dark place.  However, the place in the spirit world where Blessed Families are supposed to go is a really beautiful and good place.  You have to know that.

Our physical body is formed during a growing period of nine months in our mother’s womb.  We live our whole life with that body.  Our spirit body develops according to how we live our life on earth, and we go to the spirit world with that form of our spirit body to live there eternally.  The spirit world is not a place where we go because somebody tells us to go.  It is a place where we must find our own way according to the level of development of our spirit body.  Everything that happens in our physical life is very important.  All that you do in your lives is recorded vividly, as on a video.  You can’t make the record look good by editing out the bad parts from your life on earth.  All of it, good things and evil things follow you eternally.

Therefore, your earthly life is important because we have only one life to live on earth; and if we compare it to the life in the spirit world, it is but a moment.  Therefore, during our life on earth, we all have to prepare for life in the spirit world and perfect our personality.  It is our portion of responsibility while we have our physical body.

We have to lead our lives always thinking of god and True Parents and work to become one with them.  We have to understand that we will dwell in a realm of great value after we have cleansed all our sins away and have become one with God and True Parents.  That means reaching the level of original Adam and Eve of the creation.  In order to reach that level, we have to deny everything that connects us to Satan by birth and cut it off.

In that case, we become one with God and True Parents, become a temple that God desires, and gain eternal life.  We have to understand that.

Spiritual Pollution Due to the Returning of Evil Spirits

We should have only our own spirit body within our body.  However, we can see that there are as many spirits as eggs of ants or grains of sand stacked in huge piles in our bodies.  The reason is that since the beginning of human history the spirits of people who have passed away were not able to claim a place in the spirit world and have remained down on earth.  Thus, numbers of spirits beyond our imagination are presently returning to earth, forming reciprocal relationships with people on earth, entering their bodies, and doing their evil works.

Spirits penetrate into the flesh and bones of people and claim places there.  They perform the works of evil spirits according to their own desires, and if they are not able to resolve their resentment by themselves, they convene with other spirits in situations similar to theirs.  They then tell them about their resentment, work to make other spirits to unite with them, and then strive to resolve their resentment through an earthly person.  If the standard of an earthly person with a fallen nature matches the standard of evil spirits, they will infiltrate and start to carry out their evil designs.

There are evil spirits covering us like dust within the sphere in which we are living.  There is not only invisible air; there are also many evil spirits.  If we live non-principled lives, they take it as a condition and work to control us completely.  When that happens, we can’t lead our lives as we wish.  In that case, we become evil spirits like them and finally go to a dark part of the spirit world.  We have to remember that for sure.

Works of Good Spirits

With the start of the Chungpyung providence, we were put in a position to be able to cleanse our spirits.  That is the heavenly grace of the providence of God and the True Parents, as well as the hard work of Heung Jin Nim and Daemonim.

Present now are good spirits who used to be evil spirits filled with resentment, before being separated here in Chungpyung.  They used to be in our bodies.  They had penetrated deep into our blood and bones and were trying every possible way to resolve their resentment. However, now their situation has changed.  The resentful spirits that are separated from our bodies at Chungpyung go to the spirit world training center where Heung Jin Nim dwells and attend a one hundred-day workshop there.  They then receive the Spirit World Blessing and are educated in our Blessed Family tradition.  After going through this procedure, their appearance becomes amazingly lucid and clean.

True Father said, “You have to know how precious good spirits are.”  These good spirits are the formerly evil spirits who used to be instigators who attempted to act out their resentment in our bodies.  And now?  They regret everything from their pasts and are very grateful for having obtained their present appearance.  Therefore, these spirits who are now good are trying to find ways to help us.

From now on, the difference between the life of a person with many good spirits and the life of a person with few will be remarkable.  Because True Parents came to this world and have laid the foundation for victory, the time has come for the spirit world and the physical world to become one.

Therefore, you must understand that in the future we won’t be living any longer on human power alone.  The time will come when we will live on the power of heavenly fortune and good spirits.  Dwelling in our bodies, good spirits work to help us absolutely.  Therefore, when you come to Chungpyung, there is tremendous grace and blessing from Heaven.

Conditions Necessary for Entering the Kingdom of Heaven

God wants to love Second Generation people.  He wants to touch you and come into your families.  However, because you are leagued together with this world of evil, He can’t love you, touch you, or come into your families, even though it is His greatest desire to do so.  You have to know that God is crying.

Become one with God through your forty-day workshop.  You have to change so that God can join you with joy.  If you say, “God, I wish to meet you,” you can meet Him.  However, you can’t meet God if you live non-principled lives and if there are a lot of resentful spirits in your bodies.  Therefore, you have to keep these words (Everyday Guidance for the Second Generation) which are being taught to you now in mind, and live with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience.

Please carry this internal guidance booklet with you and read it again and again.  You have to strive to become one body with God and True Parents.