Messages from the Spirit World
St. Augustineís Confessions from the Spiritual World
Sunghwa Publishing Co., LTD, 2000, The Unification Realm of the Spiritual World (pp. 102-105)
May 30, 2000

The Place We Are Supposed To Go
Earthly Life and Spirit World I
Hoon Dok Hae series (pp. 65-68, 106)
Published 1998

Forty Days after Seung Hwa
The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Families
Sunghwa Publishing Co., Ltd., 2000
(pp. 141-142)

The Situation and Changes in the Spiritual World (pp. 90-94)
Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center Workshop Guidebook 
Published 2002

Life on Earth Viewed From Spirit World: 
How are Works People do on Earth Recorded in the Spirit World? (pp. 21-22)
Life in the Spirit World and on Earth (published 1998)
Dr. Sang Hun Lee (Messages from the Spirit World)

Life of the Second Generation
Handbook of Damonimís Words (published 2000)
The Present Age (The Spirit World) (pp. 36-54)

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