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We human beings, who were born from the spirit world, eventually return to that world. In Korea, we commonly use an interesting idiom in reference to death. When someone dies, we say, "he has returned." To where does he return? It is not to a cemetery. We mean that we return to the point of life’s origin. We return across the vast expanses of history. In the process, we shed our nationality. We return to the world that brought forth the human ancestors. If a Creator exists, then we are returning to the world of the Creator. That is where we originated, so it is there that we finally return.” 

-  Father Moon (12/18/98)


Dear Families,

At some point everyone will ascend to the spiritual world where we will continue our work as Blessed families in the service and attendance to God and our True Parents. In recent years, an increasing number of Sunghwa ceremonies have been held for members of our community. Despite the never ending technological gadgetry that society produces, there is still no way to predict when we will make that final journey home.

In line with this eventuality, our Movement has taken steps to establish a Sunghwa Ministry and Wonjeon in different cities in America in order to (1) help educate our members about eternal life based on the Divine Principle, (2) outline the procedure to conduct the Sunghwa and Wonjeon ceremonies, and (3) offer counseling to the bereaved before and after ascension.

Brothers and sisters, when you were expecting your first child, did you wait until you were in labor to find a doctor, a hospital or to buy baby clothes?  Will you wait until the day before the Blessing to look for a spouse for your child or buy her wedding gown the day after?  Of course not, you’ll prepare, make conditions, and be ready so the eventual Holy Days you anticipated go smoothly and end well.

The same wisdom holds true for your glorious Acension Day.  Every day is an opportunity to prepare for the inevitable upliftment that awaits you. When transition comes – your family should not be saddled with financial worries, too.  As much as possible, deal with the physical and spiritual arrangements now.

We are committed to supporting members follow the fundamental duties and mission as a citizen of Cheon Il Guk to devote our earthly life to prepare for the next stage of life in the spirit world.

The website – www.nationalwonjeon.com – can help answer your questions relating to the Sunghwa and Wonjeon traditions.

- National Committee of the Sunghwa Ministry

Rev. Phillip Schanker 

Mrs. Hiromi Stephens

Mr. William Selig

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