Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Testimonies
October 9, 2003 -Dedication Ceremony Testimonies

Rev. Levy Daugherty (MC):

On this occasion we place our brothers and sisters into permanent resting places in history and joyous occasion. We are recording history where our children and grandchildren can come to see where their ancestors are buried. We are setting the record.

Kitty Wojcik

I think the only thing that is really fitting is this life you are required to love a lot. Everything when you come down to it is Ė how can you love. In the spirit world when you go there are no physical barriers to stop you from going here or there. Money to get you this. You are free to work. Since my husband passed I felt he is on a fast track. He is moving faster than I ever imagined. Iím trying so hard to keep up with him. Rev. Jenkins mentioned that we own things now. We are going forward. Iím busy to go out and get what is rightfully mine that heaven has for me. I really thank you all of you for all your support. I really thank my husband because he was a real man. I wish all you men could be loving people who love your wives, children and love God. Thank you.

Martyn Byrne

My heart is really filled at this time especially the past couple of days. Weíve been preparing to come out here to be with everybody and dedicate this place with other families as well. Truly grateful for all the efforts that have gone into to establish this. What do you say? This year has felt like a 1000 years. So much has gone on. Whatís in my heart mostly is gratitude. Gratitude for our lives for what weíve been given by our True Parents. Theyíve really given us so much. Weíve been staying with the Agres family staying at their motherís apartment. I was looking last night what was a light stand. Itís a porcelain piece with a mother and a child. The holiness, the beauty and goodness that was reflected in that porcelain reminded me this is how our lives really should be. How beautiful is the culture what weíve been given by our True Parents of heart, love, and beauty and goodness. So I just hope we can live as a family up to the expectations of our daughter, Jin Joo, that she can be proud of us. Thatís what weíre trying to do in our lives. Weíre feeling the push from her also. We know she is working hard also. God bless her. Thank you very much. 

Stephen Symonds

Those of you who know my wife Mary probably are aware she had a sense of humor. Its interesting whenever I come here I get struck with humorous thoughts. Itís uncanny. I certainly sense her presence here. I get struck often with a sense of fun. It may be inappropriate for me but I hope you understand. When I first came to American in 1973 I was with the IOWC we were put out on the street in Philadelphia first of all to sell tickets to Fatherís speeches. And we struggled and struggled. Those of you from that far back understand what that was like. Experience of rejection and coming home everyday with zero results. But there was one thing that sustained me as I was working on the streets particularly in Philadelphia. There was a mobile billboard that came by round and round the streets advertising Fatherís speech and playing music and family songs with guitar music and recorded music. It was just a very beautiful echoing sound through the streets. Every time it would come through the streets it would lift me up and I would start again, and I would say ďOK letís try again.Ē I tell you that because 18 months later Mary and I were matched. My first question to her was, ďwho are you?Ē In due course she told me, ďI am the voice on the truck that went around and around in Philadelphia.Ē In a sense I feel I knew her even before we met. Itís really no different now. Sheís very much there. I really feel her here now. I just wanted to share that. 

Tom McDevitt

On behalf of our family we want to thank everybody, Dr. Yang, Rev. Jenkins, Rev. Hong and especially our brothers and sisters, Bill Selig, Antonio, Maria. You are all so comforting through the trials and tribulations since Soon Jaís passing which was really ancient history cause. We truly live in a new realm. I want to say a couple of point from words from Father that have been like iron for me, a couple of incidents that have occurred, experience of proof positive of the spiritual and physical world are becoming one although its up to us to be the microcosm so it can be alignment and resonance. It really all depends on us as the gateway. Four days before my wife passed, I reported to Mr. Joo who was with Father at East Garden at the time that it would be soon. He shared with Father. Then Father told Tom through Mr. Joo, ďdonít be afraid, donít hold on, just let her. Sheís going to be with absolute God.Ē Which was the term Father used at the God conference on the date she passed Dec. 27. Heavenly Father is absolute truth, absolute  teacher, absolute Soon Ja will go to absolute God as we all loved ones will and do and so tell him to focus on absolute God then heíll never be lonely. The second he said that in the final years of the messiahís time on earth he is uniting the physical and spirit world and anyone in this situation naturally has a pioneer pathway forging role really helped me a lot. Then another Hoon Dok Hae experiences over the past 10 months that has helped me was when Rev. Jenkins shared the final report from Kodiak August 11, 2003. I think I fished in that same place in 1998 the stream that fills up and the fish were jumping out. He shared so eloquently Fatherís words of why he brought Rev. and Mrs. Jenkins, Dr. and Mrs. Hendicks, Mr. and Mrs. Joo, couples to Alaska was because of the importance of husband and wife being one in heart, and then he wrote one sentence that was like a flare in front of my eyes ďeven if your spouse goes to spirit world you still cultivate oneness in heart.Ē That sentence for me was more than a life saver. It was a true north bearing for my future and the implication of that is that oneness of heart between husband and wife and children is to be established and cemented on the earth. Thank God at least there was some basis of that and so I thank God and True Parents for those holy words that are life elements, like stone. Itís like a stone you can stand on. 40 days after Soon Ja passed, our oldest son, Mack had three dreams in a row that led to his matching and blessing with Dasha and in tribute to my wife and her excellent matchmaking work together with Jim and Linda Howell Iíd like to have Mack and Dasha stand up so everyone can see you. Before she passed away she spoke to each of our boys.  I repeat for their sake donít ever forget your identity as a second generation. Achieve the blessing. Unite with True Parents. Help each other. Iíll always love you. I believe that mandate and vision will unfold. She worked hard as all of our loved ones in spirit world did. One final note that is personal. I was searching to refinance my home and my credit rating wasnít  so good. I donít make that much money and I didnít really have hope that it would occur. I thought I would be burdened with a high mortgage and a high interest rate for the next couple of years and hopefully clear up my credit. Couple of late payments here and there. Truth be told. I open up a newsletter from our association which as a picture of an old man about 80 years old a real estate I called him up and I asked him if he knew a good loan officer who led me to a person, a women in her 60s. I am convinced that Soon Ja who arranged the deal for our first house and our second. She did all the deal, not me. She led me to the woman. We got to know each other. We broke down in tears her sister is dying of cancer. She helped me. I cannot imagine whatís happened but we got an incredible rate. The loan went though despite my credit rating. Iím standing here today. Today through the bank it was filled with extra cash for which I can make some donation to pay off some bills. Itís a small testimony but proof that everyday things like that can happen. Cause Iíd rather just sell the house and be on the road. Frankly Dr. Yang thatís what Iíd rather do. I believe we have a great future. Iím so grateful for the great words that were shared here today. God bless you. Iím so stunned with the Oct. 8 and what that means, to push the tide back. Letís do that.

Ichiko Marshall

Thank you so much everybody. Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins. Thank you so much. My husband also his nature is so nice person. Also so bright, for sake of other, also he loves God and True Parents. Iím proud of him. Today everybody came. This is all nice and heavenly place given to us.